Kids Yoga and Meditation

Kids Yoga and Meditation offers a unique blend of Yoga, Brain-gym, Kinesiology and Meditation. This specific program brings together all aspects of a Mind-Body session within a fun packed group session.  Full of:shop

  • Moving with games, games and more games
  • Strong and Flexible through Yoga
  • Breathing deep and aware of their breathe
  • Mindful with Meditation
  • Relaxed through Stress release techniques
  • Feeling good with Self- Concept development
  • Focus with Brain-gym
  • Connecting to their inner super hero

The program runs on a school term bases and is currently available to primary school aged kids.

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Kinesiology Coaching

People experience benefits within all aspects of their life, some specific improvements that have occurred for different clients are outlined below. Understand that Kinesiology does not treat, diagnosis or cure illness, it however balances you towards your ideal goal. It is from a result of being in alignment and achieving your goal that you can experience changes physically, emotionally and socially, these are considered bonuses.

  • Brain integration and learning: This includes the ability to process, recall and express new and old information. Improvements have been experienced with individuals to thrive within working and learning environments when previously being distracted. Improvements may occur with written and vocal communication along with pronunciation and speech.
  • Physical pain reduction and increased flexibility in joints and muscles though out the whole body. Making muscles more responsive and resilient to stress and exercise.
  • Increased energy and ability to cope with stress, have clarity and stay motivated during times of stress.
  • Self-empowerment, motivation and drive to succeed
  • Reestablishing rest, health, wellness and relaxation for a body that is in the flight and fight response. Many people feel an immense change physically and emotionally when the body moves out of adrenal overdrive and starts to heal and repair again. Those people who experience improvements in rest may also experience improvements in hormone levels, mood and skin improvements
  • Realignment with health, weight loss and physical performance goals with personalized strategies to aid achievement.
  • Bonding, nurturing and communication benefits between partners, parents and babies, and children.

Empowering Workshops

Your body Whispers – is a dynamic workshop where you learn to master basic coaching tools that empower you to take charge of yourself and your responds to your environment. Learning how to confidently self test yourself using 3 different self testing methods that suit different times and places within your life. You will learn how to test for foods, makeups and products, cleaning and house hold substances and how they effect your energies. You will also learn the importance of listening to your body, the subtle ways it communicates with you and what your body is trying to say. You Body Whispers is also filled with EFT techniques, emotional release trigger points, energetic toxin clearing as well as the importance of goal setting and using the law of attraction to your advantage.

Empowered Mother – is a informative opportunity to learn how to connect to your baby on an energetic level. Learn how to use simple muscle monitoring techniques to empower your decisions, choices and interactions between mother and baby. Empowering mothers workshop teachers you how to test foods and products for environmental toxins for both mother and bub. The use of muscle testing is beneficial for developing routines, feeding, attached parenting, baby lead weening or any aspect of lifestyle change.

This workshop is close to my heart and full of fantastic techniques I personally used with my own daughter.  The workshop is offered both as a group session or individual.  Additional Skype options for a new Mum’s with a sleeping bubs.

Celebrate Growth with us

Mind-body coaching is the combination of Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Timeline Therapy™, Hypnotherapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique. This complex combination of coaching takes personal achievement to the next level. It develops and challenges the whole person, physically and mentally. Mind-body Coaching is set up as a results driven, self-development program where the focus is on empowerment and change. A course in Mind-body coaching will involve sessions both in person, over Skype and or telephone through out the duration of the program.