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One on one specific coaching.

Initial session 90 minutes, follow up session 60 minutes




Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The first session  involves a …

Initial Session 120min, follow up sessions 60min

Body Whispering

empowering workshops

Mind-Body coaching focuses on self-empowerment, responsibility and facilitation of change. Achieving Balance offers two main workshops within a flexible delivery, each running for 2 hours. Flexible delivery includes face to face seminars, webinar, Skype conference calls, Mothers groups/friendship groups as a mobile service.

Individual or Group workshops available

Erin Elizabeth Straker

Your Body Whispers is a dynamic workshop where you learn to master essential tools that empower you to change both yourself and how you respond to your environment. You will learn how to confidently use self-testing for yourself using three different self-testing methods that suit different times and places within your life. You will learn how to test to assess if certain foods, supplements beauty products and household cleaning products are suitable for the individual. You will also learn the importance of listening to your body, the subtle ways it communicates with you and what your body is trying to say.

You Body Whispers is filled with EFT techniques, emotional release trigger points, energetic toxin clearing as well as the importance of goal setting and using the law of attraction to your advantage.

Empowered Mother – is an educational opportunity to learn how to connect to your baby on an energetic level. You will learn how to use simple muscle testing techniques to empower your decisions, choices and interactions with bub. The empowering mother’s workshop teaches you how to test foods and products for environmental toxins for both mother and bub. The use of muscle testing is beneficial for developing routines, feeding, attached parenting, baby lead weaning or any aspect of lifestyle change.

This workshop is close to my heart and full of fantastic techniques I used to communicate with my daughter. This workshop designed for small groups and will work wonders for a mothers group. Alternatively, you may choose to participate in this workshop as an individual over Skype while bub sleeps.



Kids Yoga and Meditation

Kids Yoga and Meditation offers a unique blend of Yoga, Brain-gym, Kinesiology and Meditation. This specific program brings together all aspects of a Mind-Body session within a fun packed group session.  Full of:shop

  • Moving with games, games and more games
  • Strong and Flexible through Yoga
  • Breathing deep and aware of their breathe
  • Mindful with Meditation
  • Relaxed through Stress release techniques
  • Feeling good with Self- Concept development
  • Focus with Brain-gym
  • Connecting to their inner super hero

The program runs on a school term bases and is currently available to primary school aged kids.

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Kinesiology Coaching

People experience benefits within all aspects of their life, some specific improvements that have occurred for different clients are outlined below. Understand that Kinesiology does not treat, diagnosis or cure illness, it however balances you towards your ideal goal. It is from a result of being in alignment and achieving your goal that you can experience changes physically, emotionally and socially, these are considered bonuses.

  • Brain integration and learning: This includes the ability to process, recall and express new and old information. Improvements have been experienced with individuals to thrive within working and learning environments when previously being distracted. Improvements may occur with written and vocal communication along with pronunciation and speech.
  • Physical pain reduction and increased flexibility in joints and muscles though out the whole body. Making muscles more responsive and resilient to stress and exercise.
  • Increased energy and ability to cope with stress, have clarity and stay motivated during times of stress.
  • Self-empowerment, motivation and drive to succeed
  • Reestablishing rest, health, wellness and relaxation for a body that is in the flight and fight response. Many people feel an immense change physically and emotionally when the body moves out of adrenal overdrive and starts to heal and repair again. Those people who experience improvements in rest may also experience improvements in hormone levels, mood and skin improvements
  • Realignment with health, weight loss and physical performance goals with personalized strategies to aid achievement.
  • Bonding, nurturing and communication benefits between partners, parents and babies, and children.

Empowering Workshops

Your body Whispers – is a dynamic workshop where you learn to master basic coaching tools that empower you to take charge of yourself and your responds to your environment. Learning how to confidently self test yourself using 3 different self testing methods that suit different times and places within your life. You will learn how to test for foods, makeups and products, cleaning and house hold substances and how they effect your energies. You will also learn the importance of listening to your body, the subtle ways it communicates with you and what your body is trying to say. You Body Whispers is also filled with EFT techniques, emotional release trigger points, energetic toxin clearing as well as the importance of goal setting and using the law of attraction to your advantage.

Empowered Mother – is a informative opportunity to learn how to connect to your baby on an energetic level. Learn how to use simple muscle monitoring techniques to empower your decisions, choices and interactions between mother and baby. Empowering mothers workshop teachers you how to test foods and products for environmental toxins for both mother and bub. The use of muscle testing is beneficial for developing routines, feeding, attached parenting, baby lead weening or any aspect of lifestyle change.

This workshop is close to my heart and full of fantastic techniques I personally used with my own daughter.  The workshop is offered both as a group session or individual.  Additional Skype options for a new Mum’s with a sleeping bubs.

Celebrate Growth with us

Mind-body coaching is the combination of Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Timeline Therapy™, Hypnotherapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique. This complex combination of coaching takes personal achievement to the next level. It develops and challenges the whole person, physically and mentally. Mind-body Coaching is set up as a results driven, self-development program where the focus is on empowerment and change. A course in Mind-body coaching will involve sessions both in person, over Skype and or telephone through out the duration of the program.



Mind-Body Coaching


What is Mind-body coaching?

Mind-body coaching is the combination of Kinesiology, Neuro-linguists Programing, Timeline Therapy™, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a style of coaching which takes personal achievement to the next level and develops and challenges to whole person, physically and mentally. Mind-body Coaching is set up as a results driven self-development program where focus is on empowerment and change. Coaching sessions will use a verity of techniques from all of the above modalities of coaching and development, working directly with your subconscious mind to uncover any sabotage programs that maybe preventing you from reaching your goals. Session in Mind-body coaching will be both in person, skype and email over the course of the program.


What is NLP and Timeline Therapy™?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programing and is broken down into its three difference sections;

– Neuro: The nervous system through which our experience is processed via five senses, the visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory

– Linguistic: Language and other nonverbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning. This includes pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells and words.

– Programming: The ability to discover and use the programs that we as individuals run, the communication to ourselves and to others as well as our neurological system to achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

NLP involves quite a lengthy set up and question process at the beginning of the program. The set up process is designed so the client and the coach work together using language to uncover and highlight the true core issues and limiting beliefs towards achievement of goals and changing one’s life. NLP is very powerful and works with both the conscious and subconscious mind, results are empowering, positive and life changing. Our reality that surrounds us is only a perception and projection of our subconscious mind, when you change the way to see things, than the things that you are seeing will start to change.

Timeline Therapy™ is the process of using basic hypnotherapy techniques to access your individual timeline. The client will experience past and future events in a safe controlled environment to gain positive learning to be used in the now. Using Timeline Therapy™ is very powerful to move on and empower the client from past and future fears, for example fear of success and fear of failure.


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a communication tool though the art of gentle muscle monitoring where the practitioner can receive the information from muscle biofeedback of these stressors connecting with the body holistically. Muscle monitoring allowing individuals to assess information about the body’s energy its physical and structural state, chemical and hormonal states as well as emotional and mental states. These three main aspects of the person wellness make up the triad of health. The physical, chemical and emotional aspects that interrelate and when balanced, health and wellness can truly be achieved. The triad of health takes the whole person into consideration projecting forward into ultimate health and away for focusing on the absence of disease or management of symptoms. Progressively as we begin to understand more about the whole person, the triad of health expands into a more three dimensional model where a person’s spiritual aspect can create a tetrahedron of health. Kinesiology also looks past the individual and assesses them within their environment. Looking at the whole person, there environment s well as interpersonal relationships while bringing many other complementary health modalities together for develop a specific step by step healing framework. Kinesiology is a very special because of the unique solution helping the body rejuvenate biologically by recognising factors that inhibit our own innate healing potential. Founded firmly in the eastern wisdom of Chinese medicine with a deep understanding of chi energy, meridians and the effects emotions play on structural, chemical and spiritual functions within the human body.

Most importantly Kinesiology does not diagnose, prescribe or treat in any way, medical conditions or named diseases; nor does it attempt to keep people away from doctors, prescriptions, surgery, or any health professional when they need them. Among all the different healing modalities and definitions of Kinesiology, education and personal empowerment plays the primary role of healing. It is with education and coaching so that clients can make informed decisions and start working with their bodies within current modes of health and healing and taking advantage of all resources available to them within their environment.


Will Kinesiology or NLP fix all my problems?IMG_2037[1]

Kinesiology is founded on the principle that our overall well-being is a balance of our emotional body, biochemical body and physical body. This is termed the triad of health, when all three aspects are balanced we experience total well-being. Both Kinesiology and NLP are tools used to develop a deeper understanding of what is truly happening at this core functioning level, at the subconscious and provide tasks and exercises to bring the body back into balance.

As the client it is you who is responsible for the change in your life. Kinesiology will give you new insights, set you up with tasking (homework) activities and work with your bodies energies but it is you who needs to be responsible for the change.


Has anyone experienced a negative reaction to Kinesiology?

Just as every client is unique, every balancing session is unique. Any reaction, experience and or change can be negative if you choose it to be. Sometimes in Kinesiology people face issues that have been their biggest fears. Sometimes it is only when the pain of staying in the same state is bigger than the pain of change that we can move forward. Within a session it is my responsibility as a practitioner to get you into a state of discomfort emotionally to allow for change to occur at a deeper level. Each session will follow with specific tasking that you the client take home to support your body’s changes. This tasking maybe food or supplements to nourish the body, physically stimulating trigger points to assist in energy change or lymphatic drainage or as simple as an emotional journal, affirmations and/or goal setting to focus towards a positive self-future.

That said, occasionally clients may experience headaches, muscle pain, clumsiness and a change in postural alinement for a few days after treatment while the body adjusts to new energies. Individuals may also experience one or all of an, energy, emotional or physical detox – especially when moving away from adrenal fatigue. Drinking plenty of purified water, eating food rich in nutrients and getting plenty of rest will usually clear this in a few days.

Contact with your Kinesiologist a few days after your session can help clear up any concerns and direct you in the right direction when extra support in needed.


Is all Kinesiology the same?

All modalities of kinesiology share the use of muscle testing to identify blockages and energy dysfunction. But each modality employs slightly different means to access information in order to correct the body. Some may emphasise the emotions while others will concentrate on the physical. PKP Kinesiologists are energy medicine specialists who emphasise health maintenance, client education and client responsibility by identifying the causative influences triggering health imbalances.

These imbalances are measured by muscle testing the ‘Chi’ (life energy) in muscles, the chakras (nerve plexi) and many other neural reflexes in the body that the more conventional modalities overlook. They explore issues around the goal with the client. Finally they assist the client to formulate a goal related to the client’s desired outcome and work towards that. Dr Bruce Dewe ICPKP.


How long do corrections last?

Many corrections last for years, while others are brief and may require a top-up. It all depends on the history of the blockage or energy dysfunction and amount of continued reinforcement undertaken by the client. Kinesiology assists with the change at a conscious level and helps the client to form new habits at the unconscious level. Kinesiology, NLP and energy work can often work in an onion like motion. Your unconscious mind will only release that which it is ready to address and deal with at any one time. Often the cause of imbalances within our energy has built up slowly by the unconscious mind over many years, most likely requiring more than one session to unravel. And like an onion, as each layer is removed, a new layer with its own issues may arise, requiring new corrections and balancing. Each correction will lead to another correction until the client reaches their desired state of health, personal empowerment and energetic balance. It is at this point that corrections will last. Furthermore the individual will be able to access their own innate resources to overcome future stresses without the need for energy support. Kinesiology PKP specifically has always focused on empowerment of the individual and independence in self-maintenance and self-development.


What can I expect to happen in a session?

The first session will usually begin with a detailed personal and medical history, and a goal setting session to form the direction of the coaching session. We will discuss with you what you would like to work on and really start to understand all the issues that are keeping you in your current situation. During the session there may be some assessments where all aspects of your daily life are assessed. Such assessments include physical movements for postural assessment, flexibility and range of motion in joints, and any pain level you are currently experiencing. Assessment is also made with visual and auditory stress, ability to deal with change, cope under stress or interpret new information.

During the balancing process it will be your choice to stand, sit or lie down in which you will remain fully dressed. It is recommended that you wear comfortable free moving clothing as you will be asked to move different parts of the body at different times to gain information. Within the balancing procedure you as the client remain in complete control for the duration and are actively involved at all stages of the balance. You will often at times assist in the balancing process, holding and touching your own reflex points as you learn about your own body and how to maintain health on your own.

Each session will end with homework of some description, this is called tasking. It is your responsibility to complete this tasking and keep the energy work moving. The tasking is always set together between the client and Kinesiologist and always to a level that challenges but assists the client. The tasking can be anything from nutritional supplementation, exercise program, flower essences, diet change or a change within your environment, to keeping an emotion/ behavioral journal. Each task is going to be as individual and specific as the balance itself.


I am pregnant. Is Kinesiology safe for me?belly

Yes! Kinesiology is very beneficial pre, post, and during pregnancy. If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant please let me know and I will modify certain aspects of the balance. If you are unable to lie on the treatment table you may remain seated during the session.

I am incredibly passionate about the benefits of Kinesiology for the pregnant and new mothers. If coming for a session feels like to much to cope with please contact me to find out more about my Empowering Mother Skype based workshops.


How often do I need to see a Kinesiologist/ Coach?

This will vary for each person and it will depend on what you would like to work on, but sessions are generally at 2-4 week intervals.


How many sessions will I need?

Every person is different, with different issues, so the number of sessions required will be very individual. Some people will only require one session, but a typical treatment plan is to start with 4-6 sessions at about 2 – 3 week intervals. After some discussion a plan will be decided on at your first session, often more than 4 sessions will be packaged together and presented in a coaching format. This moves it out of the therapy model and into a personal growth and development package.


How long will a session last?

The first session is always an hour and a half with a detailed client history filled in before you start (Client history forms are downloadable from the website under resources). Each session is between an hour and a hour and a half after that, depending on the issues and balance needed at the time. The client is always in control of the choice of time at the beginning of the session once the goal is set. NLP follow up skype calls are 40minutes long and will be part of the mind-body coaching program.


Cost of a session?

Consult at present is $100 for the hour and a half

Hour sessions are $80.

Package deals are available after initial consult please ask if interested.