Kids yoga in Alexandria

Kids yoga in Alexandria

Kids yoga in Alexandria is not your average yoga class. It is a unique blend of all my personal passions coming together in a very fun filled movement and stillness class. Achieving balance is the core essences of everything I do, Achieving Balance for the child as well as the families who support them. Achieving Balance Kids Yoga brings together yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Brain gym, Kinesiology and of more recent project of positive psychology for learning.

Neuroplasticity is not so new anymore but making a massive impact to the education system. Society is now beginning to understand that intelligence is not set, it is just as dynamic as our health and wellbeing. While all individual components play an integral role in a child’s learning. The significance of content and memory recall is fading as focus of education is returning to skill and well as habits of learning. Students have everything at their fingertips, it is not teaching them skills to interpret, analyse and utilise this information for learning, for more this comes under 21st century learning.  How the future looks, is uncertain but what we as teachers do know is that we need to be open to change, to be dynamicKids developing their super powers, emotional intelligence, developing self-concept, positive self esteem

What does all this have to do with yoga. Well more then you may think as todays our kids need to be more than just compliant in the classroom setting. They need to adapt, they need to creative, they to need to be dynamic but most of all they need to be motivated to learn and not feel overwhelm from success. Kids need to find their passion, overcome obstacles and be adaptable to the ever-changing learning environment. Kids are often expected to be all these things and often for get to just be kids, make mistakes and play.

Kids yoga is magic, it directs, refines and support growing kids to be these things, in a fun, light hearted environment. To connect with peers at a core supporting level, to build confidence in movement, freedom of thought, creativity in movement, language expression, strength in their connection to breath and ability to self-calm and relax. Achieving Balance Kids Yoga build on these core yoga concepts and adds to it in an educational setting. Kinesiology and Brain gym is a vital aspect of my yoga practice, it allows kids to release fears, build emotional intelligence, access brain-gym movements and reduce sensory stimulation overload or feeling of overwhelm. Achieving balance utilise emotional freedom technics, positive psychology mindfulness, energy tapping, basic meditation and essential oils and vibrational medicine.

Booking are for the terms are essential as the class runs in line with the NSW school terms.

Teacher created resources are slowly becoming available online please sign up to the blog to and download as you please.

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