Empowering Students 1 lesson at a time

Empowering Students 1 lesson at a time

As a Teacher within the school system it can often go weeks without having one of those magical teaching moment that keep you coming back. Yesterday was a big one. I had not one but two magic moments that really made me rethink my importance in my roll as a Health Teacher. For the last year I have walked the corridors, classrooms, assemblies and school gym with my jar of juice. Most students stop to ask, “whats that?” and some actually care to listen. One of the more vibrant classes that I am currently teaching, understand my perceptions and what it means to truly means to be healthy after having me for a second year in a row. 

This particular class no longer ask me what is in my juice jar but now if they can have some. Part of their assessment is to design a diet plan to support an exercise program. Over the years of marking this assessment, you really begin to understand how misconstrued our understanding of nutrition and fitness. Nutrition for them is a highly processed protein bar, rather than fresh vibrant plants and nutritionally dense food. Yesterday was the day I stopped the endless slides about food, brought in high quality produce and allowed the kids free access to the blenders and juicer.

Within an hour I had so many invigorating conversations about organic verses well washed vegetable,  fruit verse veggies, protein powder verses protein, supplements verse juice, metabolism, detox, alkaline diets and the importance of breakfast. Conversation I only dream of having in the classroom. Conversations became relevant to the student standing in front of me, it was a focus of choice and empowerment, working with their model of the world and encouraging them to take a small achievable step towards health while not getting caught up in right and wrong. achieving balance kinesiology, Erin Straker, Sydney Kinesiology, sydney kinesiologist, mind body medicine, Erin Elizabeth Straker, kinesiology practitioners, kinesiologist, registered kinesiologist, kinesiologist sydney, best kinesiologist sydney, touch for health,     


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