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Achieving Balance is a mobile Coaching service that works from the comfort of your own home. All that is required is your time, a quiet space, an open mind plus a desire to change.

Email TODAY to find out how to change your life for the better. Initial consults and follow up coaching sessions are also available over Skype, no excuses, start today.

Erin Straker



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Erin’s Clients

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Meghan Brewster

Erin helped open my eyes to the mind-body connections within me and has now been healing me from the inside out. Her insights and observations of my health and well-being were remarkable.

Meghan Brewster Sydney January 30, 2016

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Abbey Lawson

I am a single Mum with 2 small kids and struggle at the best of times to get out of the house. The fact that a balance can be done in the comfort of my own home adds both time and value to my day. It allows me to address my almost 6 year olds learning challenges easily and confidently manage to the normal ins and outs of after school mayhem.

Abbey Lawson Marrickville Sydney Marrickville Sydney February 15, 2016






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Thank you for coming this far,Achieving Balance Kinesiology, Erin Elizabeth Straker, Sydney Kinesiology, Best Kinesiologiest in Sydney

My name is Erin Straker

I am energetic, highly motivated, knowledgeable and FUN. I live and breath Wellness, Learning, Brain integration and goals.  There is not one thing I would recommend without having tried it myself. I speak with my heart from experience, truth and grounding. I believe we all have the ability to move towards thrive in any environment we may find ourselves in. I truly love what I do.

My qualifications are below but my EXPERIENCE is unlimited:

Diploma in Kinesiology, Neuro- Linguistics Programming, EFT, Hypnosis, Coaching, Timeline Techniques and a Bachelor in Personal Development, Health and Personal Education and Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher.

I have been Teaching, Coaching and Promoting good health for the last 12 years. My knowledge and understanding of the health and wellness world has been limitless, dynamic and at times exhilarating.  Nothing excites me more than connecting the dots, opening eyes and creating change. I am living testimony that change is possible, having moved through learning, behaviour and brain integration issues myself. Because of my own experience I am passionate about children finding their ability to learning, to be confident in who they are, to have a passion for learning and to expand their achievement possibilities.

In Kinesiology I found home. It was love at first ‘balance’ and I realised that it was this knowledge, understanding way of thinking that my life that has been missing. Kinesiology is my connection to higher-self. It is with Kinesiology that I discovered my why? Why I have always been a health activist, Why I have always loved to teach, Why I have an incredible connection with new mothers and babies, Why I have always understood the importance of physical movement and learning for growing bodies and most importantly and Why I am happy to be the change I wish to see in the world!

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