Be careful for what you wish for…..

Be careful for what you wish for…..

as DREAMS really do come true!        …….Of recent I have found myself  in the middle of several conversations where achieving goals has been the common topic. Friends achieving more than first realised and being completely taken by surprise when their success is pointed out. Being the observer, it is often easier to see the factor of change. From glancing down at my notes and reminding them, word for word, the big bold statements from their previous session.

It gives me much joy to remind clients of how far they have come, and to redefine where it is that they are now heading. I enjoy the sessions that contain the thought-provoking pause, followed by an ‘oh, did I really say that’, or ‘I guess I haven’t thought about that? since then’…. ‘I can’t even remember that’. It is in these moments I smile and bask on the energy that is Kinesiology.

Setting goals has always been part of my life and for many years I was teaching the importance of goal setting without really truly getting ‘it’. Physically yes; sports goals, body goals, weight goals, I was all over but mental and emotional goals are a lot harder to master. What if you say something and then failed? Is it better to be safe? What’s my back up plan? My side story or justification?

Five years ago goals completely changed for me. I learned I had been fantastic at both setting goals and attracting each and every one of them into my life, whether I liked it or not. Achieving goals yes but not in a good way. I was consistently achieving the lack of, the fear, the failure, the back-up story. It was then that I realised that ‘I didn’t know, what I didn’t know’ and for the first time I was ready to learn.

Around this time I had the ‘Law of Attraction’ explained to me in terms of a radar screen, only showing you what is there within a certain distance. But as with a radar, if things are not visible on the screen it does not mean that they are not there. More importantly the radar is only designed to detect that which it is programmed to find. Both statements are simple and yet profound, set your radar wider and change the program and new information will appear.

For me Kinesiology is what reprograms the radar. It allows you to see things that previously you may have skimmed over. To change the focus to that of which we want rather than that of which we fear. Allowing us to see that there is often more than which we have allowed ourselves to experience. Goals can no longer be separated out into the physical, mental or emotional components but must be viewed together as a whole.


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