6 Creative Ways to use Yoga cards with Kids

6 Creative Ways to use Yoga cards with Kids

Yoga cards are a fun and easy way kids yoga cards, free printable yoga cards, kids yoga, kids yoga Sydney, kids yoga Alexandria, Brain gym activities, Achieving balance Kinesiology, Kids Kinesiology, Balanced kids,to get little yogi’s active, engaged and moving through poses.  The cards are a useful visual stimulus which allows them to copy, mimic and interpret even the more traditional yoga poses to fit their own movement expressions. Kids performing yoga postures, often look different to how we would. Kids tend to stay within a safe range of movement rarely will they put their body under stress or cause injury. Simply put a little yogi likes to feel good and if the pose dose not feel good they will either adapt it or skip it. The real trick with kids than is to do just that, make yoga fun and make yoga feel good!

1. Creating a Theme with Pictures

Yoga Cards are a super easy way to draw kids into both the movement and sequences. Cards like the featured Granny’s Got Moves, are fun, imaginative and playful. The Granny’s got moves cards are a personal favorite for both myself and my little yogi ‘E’ as they have allowed for so much discussion around movement and age, enjoyment and routine over exercise and pain.

Other awesome themed yoga pictures are the star wars yoga. These are awesome to draw awareness to inner strength,  mindfulness, chi energy and the power of meditation.

2. The Yoga Dice Game

Pick out 6 different yoga cards and place them in an order from 1 to 6. Take it in turn rolling the dice, any dice will do but we personally use the oversize blowup dice from Ikea.

What ever the number on the dice the corresponding yoga card is performed.

If I was using this game in a class I would have 6 small piles of cards next to each number. When the card is performed as a result of the dice, I would put the top card on the bottom of the desk to revile the next move. The game generally finishes once the first pile of cards is finished.

3. Yoga Fishing

For this game you will require extra equipment, a magnetic kids fishing rod from a standard fishing game and multiple paperclips. Place a paper clip on each card to allow the fishing rod to pick them up. Once your little yogi catches a fish (Yoga card) they can demonstrate it or instruct it to the rest of the class.

4. Rob the Nest

Best played with a few kids each needing their own mat as a nest. You will also need a double set of cards to play this game. Arrange each nest around in a circle formation with the cards upside down in the center. Kids can only take one card at a time from either the center or from another kids nest. Each kid should place the card face up in their own nest area before heading out to collect another card.

When they find the matching card to create a pair they should return to their nest to perform the move. Once the yoga pose is performed the pair is turned over and taken out of play. The kid with the most about of pairs or alternatively who performed the most amount of yoga poses at the end is the winner.

5. Yoga Guess Who

Turn all the yoga cards face down. The lead yogi picks up one card at a time, looks at it but keeps the pose a secret. They then perform the pose to the best of ability while the other kids guess the name of the pose. The first correct guess becomes the next lead yogi to pick a card. Depending on the age and experience of the kids they may need help reading and remembering the pose names.

Alternatively I like to use traditional poses and we guess or ‘imagine’ what the pose really looks like, an example of this might be guessing an animal the looks like the pose.

6. Hidden Treasure

A Simple concept but always a favorite within a class and occasionally at home. This is where a yoga pose is hidden either under the yoga mat or in another suitable location. The whole class could have a different card to perform, one lucky winner might have the ‘golden ticket’ yoga pose card to teach the class.  Alternatively to the one winning yoga pose card is bedtime treasure. Bedtime treasure consists of me hiding either 4 (aged 4) or 6 (aged 6) cards under the pillows on their beds.  After they have washed and dressed ready for bed they can find their hidden bedtime treasure! easy, relaxing poses to do before story time. I have of recent started mixing in some breathing exercise cards into the bed time treasure time activity. Bed time treasure is not something I do every day, but occasionally after a big day or if a good wind-down process is needed.

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